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The Craft Beer Box
The Craft Beer Box

The Craft Beer Box

You know that guy. He loves himself some craft brew. He loves the IPA's, the sessions, and even the sours. He loves the way they smell, they pour, and he loves all the different hand drawn labels. But when he's trying so many different styles, he might have a hard time keeping track of his likes, dislikes and loves.  This is the gift box for that guy. The Craft Beer Box comes with a handy dandy notebook to keep track of all the craft beers hes tried and can be used as a reference guide. 

This Box includes: Craft Beer Notebook,  Beer glass, Wooden Bottle opener

  • The Craft Beer Passport contains 20 entry logs to record details of each beer tasted. Each entry page is accompanied by a blank page for other notes, observations, or mementos like labels or photos. 
  • The stainless steel core allows for premium bottle cap prying power, while the real wood exterior adds a soft touch and natural feel that you just can't find elsewhere. Use the opener end on your favorite craft beer.
  • 16oz Pint Glass featuring Pine Tree Forest or Kraken 

Each box ships as a gift with no pricing information available to recipient.

If you wish to include a card with your gift box please leave a note in the box labeled "special instructions for seller" when checking out. Write the note just as you would a normal card and remember to leave the name of who it's from at the end.