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Retro Cocktail Box

For the lover of the Mad Men days. Accessories for a vintage cocktail bar with a citrus twist. This box includes: 

  • ORANGE BITTERS. A classic bitters that adds brightness to an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, but with an added touch of Earl Grey Tea for a lightly floral note that pairs well with summer spritzers and citrus based cocktails.
  • CITRUS BAR TOWEL. Hand printed orange slices on cotton towel.
  • CLASSIC HARD CANDIES. Orange & Anise.  Handmade in Maine, Baxter’s Fine Candies are made using drop rollers from the late 1800’s, to produce long-lasting, gourmet, hard candies. Free of corn syrup, coloring, and artificial flavors, Baxter’s Fine Candies uses herbs, teas, and extracts to create unique flavor combinations