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Cribbage In A Box

Cribbage In A Box

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We like to say that cribbage is the best card game you've probably never heard of–unless you have heard of it, and in that case, we like you already. Sure, it's is a classic game - meaning your grandparents probably got mad at each other while playing it - but it's still as fun as the day it was invented…in the 1600s.

  • Includes a foldable wooden game board & 6 metal pegs for scoring.
  • Features a uniquely designed deck of cards. I mean, it is a card game, after all.
  • Contains an instruction book that explains the game in detail (and even covers a bit of strategy for over-achievers).
  • The outer box measures 11" wide by 6" tall by 1.6" deep–that's 280mm by 152mm by 40mm if you're fancy.
  • Suitable for two players. So take turns.
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