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wooden cuff with Brass
wooden cuffs

Durango Cuff w/ Brass

Rugged and beautiful much like all adventurous women, this is a stunning statment piece that makes people stop and take notice. The hammered brass catches the light and because it's set against the elegant dark grain of the Walnut wood it's show stopping but still effortless.

  • small | opening: 1"
  • medium | opening: 1.25"
  • large | opening: 1.75"

1. Measurement 1: Measure the circumference of your wrist (around the wrist bone). If you don't have a flexible tape measure you can use a string. Make sure the tape measure and or string is pulled snug in order to get an accurate measurement.

2. Measurement 2: Lay your wrist flat on a piece of paper (palm up) and make a mark on the paper on either side of your wrist as close to your wrist as possible. Measure the distance between the lines.