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Relax & Refresh Box

Relax & Refresh Box

The gift that relaxes and refreshes. This gift box includes:

  • LAVENDER MINT CANDLE. Lavender is such a powerful aroma and contains several healing properties. Promoting restful sleep, relaxation, and even aiding in the relief of anxiety, lavender is a must have in any candle collection. This lavender candle is infused with lavender essential oils and a botanical garden mint, to create a perfect bedroom nightstand companion.
  • SHEA BUTTER SOAP. Minka's  100% All Natural Shea Butter Soap (Spearmint-Peppermint) is made from Shea Butter & olive oil instead of animal fat. 
    Olive oil is extremely beneficial to the skin, it doesn’t leave a film and helps to keep the skin naturally moisturized. 
    Contains high amounts of vitamin E which helps the skin heal. 
    It’s 100% all natural and Made in Maine.
  • AGAVE WASHCLOTH. Natural Agave Washcloth is made from the Agave plant and is amazing for gently exfoliating skin. It is used to invigorate and soften skin, expose fresh skin cells and help to stimulate circulation for the growth of new cells.


  • Konjac Body Sponge. Konjac is a natural herb grown underground with a soft texture for gentle cleansing that will not scratch while washing away dirt and oil from skin. For all skin types to use with or without cleanser to gently cleanse, and buff away blockages & dead skin cells. Cotton string provides a way to hang and dry the sponge between uses. Cleaning: Rinse and very gently press out water. Air dry away from sunlight.