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Natural Beauty

For the health conscious, all things organic loving person in your life. Minka’s line of 100% all natural bodycare is the perfect gift. This set includes: 

  • SHEA BODY BUTTER. An all natural moisturizer that heals dry skin like no other product on the shelf.  No preservatives, no fillers, no harmful chemicals, every ingredient is beneficial.  Body butter doesn’t wash off, it keeps the skin feeling smooth and hydrated for long periods of time. 
  • Kelp Salt Scrub. Scented with 100% pure essential oils.An all natural exfoliate to scrub away the dead skin cells and moisturize the skin.  

  • Minka's  100% All Natural Shea Butter Soap is made from Shea Butter & olive oil instead of animal fat. Olive oil is extremely beneficial to the skin, it doesn’t leave a film and helps to keep the skin naturally moisturized. Contains high amounts of vitamin E which helps the skin heal. It’s 100% all natural and Made in Maine.

Available in 

  • Lime Frankincense 
  • Amber Grapefruit