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The Search Puzzle

The Search Puzzle

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The more you look at Cameron Bliss's work, the more you see. "The Search" is both rich with and about meaning, featuring a crucifix, a Buddha, a Russian icon, string theory diagrams, Tarot cards, a palmistry figurine, a Ouija board, a tardigrade and a house Bliss says was inspired by St. Teresa of Avila's concept of the soul as a castle. The woman on the floor holds up a triangle that could be a planchette featuring the Masonic Eye of Providence, taking the place of her own eye. Bliss says, "there are many paths along the way; this is just a little blurb in these girls' lives." In other words, the painting itself is a kind of puzzle, which makes it a perfect choice for a puzzle.

1000 Pieces Finished size: 19.25" x 26.625"
Linen pieces w/ low-glare Matte finish
Age: 13+

Made in United States of America
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