Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: A Love Story

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs: A Love Story

My first instinct is to fill this story with a bunch of lofty clichés like: "Do more with less" or "Think outside the box." And that's because the older I get, the more I realize that most clichés are accurate.

"Do what you love." has to be one of the biggest clichés out there. Just a bunch of words put together, floating past your eye balls without connecting. That doesn't mean it isn't useful advice; it means that those specific words in that specific order has been written and spoken so often that its just wallpaper now.

But yes, do what you love! You should also marry someone you love. The more love you have, the easier it will be to navigate all the difficult situations that come up. And they will come up.
Even if you are living your life with the purest of intentions, mindful of every move, grateful for all you have, difficulties will find you and challenge you.
Can you fake the love?
The old "Fake it until you make it." approach is useful in small doses but hard to pull off successfully for a long period of time unless you have the skills of an actress like Florence Pugh. Your forged enthusiasm will be tolerated and sometimes even encouraged despite how obvious the front is. But be careful serving this out because positivity is a commodity in the cult of personality.
What I'm saying here is "be true to your self." 


Another key ingredient to success is partnering with the right people.
How do you determine who is the right person?
Go with your gut a.k.a your instinct.
But sometimes your instinct can get buried in layers of rationalized thought as your brain gets involved.
Inevitably there will come a time when you will choose to collaborate, employ, or partner with the wrong people and that's okay because you will learn dealing with those problematic relationships.
One precaution you can take when deciding who to connect with is to check their sun sign first. 
Of course non of this is 100%, but take this article for example: Sun Sign & The Employee . I see that my Libra traits are described pretty accurately in this article. It's annoying to be generalized, but I can't argue that it doesn't sound like me.
My sign, Libra, is represented by a scale which makes total sense being that I'm constantly seeking balance. Libras can also be indecisive. Decision making can be a problem when I have to stop and weigh all the options.  Luckily I'm partnered with a Scorpio and she moves forward with the quickness and confidence of a creature bestowed with two pinchers up front and a stinger in the back. Scorpios are ambitious, intuitive, and determined to achieve all of their goals. They're represented by the Scorpion, a fearsome predator with amazing survival skills. Libras are represented by the scale, an inanimate object that sits on a table. The gods definitely do not distribute all things equally. But, Michelle and I do make a nice team and according to the Zodiac Prints by Archies Press: "At times this pair feels fated."

Sun Signs as a print

 Michelle and I had been circling each others orbits for a long time without knowing it. We grew up in different states, but we shared mutual friends and mutual experiences, but we also have no memories of knowing each other from that time.
Like the time in high school, driving from Massachusettes to New Hampshire after a Steve Miller concert. We both remember this ride distinctly. We remember an intense and aggressive verbal battle that lasted the entire ride. We remember the people involved in this battle. We were both inside this car but do not remember each other being there.
One time I was showing Michelle photos from when I lived in California. There was a photo of three girls sitting in a booth at a Mexican restaurant. One of the girls in the photo is Michelle. Again, we realize that we had mutual friends making this scenario possible, but we have zero memories of meeting, talking or anything having to do with each other from that night.  But we do have a photo; it did happen.
When I moved back from California to Boston, I re-connected with our shared friends and that's when Michelle and I were formally introduced. This time, we both acknowledged each others existence, became friends, and eventually roommates. And despite the obvious attraction, we continued to delay the inevitable. But the universe had kept us apart for long enough and decided it was time for us to start our journey together.
 We would often go to this 5 story antique store that was in our neighborhood.  One day while strolling the packed aisles, we looked up on the wall, and among all the assorted junk, we saw two giant hand-carved wall signs. One sign was Libra and the other was Scorpio. Even though these signs were made of wood, they seem to be glowing neon.  We awkwardly acknowledged that it was strange and kept on moving. The next week when we visited, the signs were gone.
Then there was the time...
No, that's probably enough of that. I could go on about all the other synchronicities surrounding our union but I'll save it for another time. Lets get back to business. One more bit of advise for young entrepreneurs:
Don't ignore the signs.

Advice for Young Entrepreneurs 
by Christopher Larochelle*

*Who is new to writing, so please excuse grammar and spelling mistakes.

 What is your sign? Do you believe in cliches?
Do you know who Steve Miller is?
Let us know in the comments.  

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