Golden Room

When you first step into the Minka, you arrive at Golden Hour.... 

Natural Body Care

A curated collection of face and bodycare goods including Minka's own line... 

Minka Kennebunkport

Minka is a modern, handmade boutique - inspired by the beauty of natural materials and the art of design.The owners Michelle Rose & Chris Larochelle are partners in life and in work; a passionate team committed to creating modern art and home goods that are timeless in design and useful in their purpose. Minka started over a decade ago as a boutique artisan gallery out of the couple’s home. It grew to become a sustainable lifestyle brand, based on the coast of Maine. More

"This shop is unlike anything
I've ever seen. Unbelievably beautifully styled and merchandised, but also filled with THE MOST unusual objects for the home and body. Just gorgeous. Owned by two artists, Chris and Michelle also display high-end soaps and jewelry that they have made. Accented with lots of other very cool objects that are uniquely sourced, you won't want to miss this beautiful spot. I would come back to Kennebunkport just to visit Minka again... and I live all the way in California!"

- YELP REVIEW by Sylvia L.