Digital Detox Clinic

Digital Detox Clinic

We've brought you here today because we're concerned about you.  You literally can't go two minutes without checking your Instagram, Twitter,  etc. You spend all day on the Internet but you've accomplished absolutely nothing. It's sad and we care. 

But no worries, there is a way out. We have tips on breaking that bond with the Internet. 

1. Wear Mittens 
Seems extreme, we know. But you're just like a kitty that won't stop scratching the furniture. Your paws need to be covered. You can't do a thing with a pair of mittens on. You can't scroll your phone, type on a keyboard or scratch the furniture. 
It's too hot to wear mittens in the house? Turn down the heat. Save money.
TWO problems solved. 
    2. Schedule your Internet Use.
    Start with a simple and managable schedule. Limit yourself to 3 social media's a day.
    Check your Instagram and Twitter once or twice a day. If you're over 40, you can check Facebook  too I guess. If you're using Snapchat then you're prob not reading this.
    Check your news sources once a day. Nothing has changed in the last 45 minutes. Spoiler: the world is busted and it needs to be fixed. While you're waiting for the repairman go out and do something constructive. 
    This tip takes some willpower,so if you're weak maybe try the mittens.
       3.Shop Online

    HUH? How is this breaking your online addiction?  It's not, but if you're going to spend all day online, shopping is the way to do it. There are rules though.  Amazon is a no.  Do not shop on Amazon unless you have to. If you can't find it ANYWHERE ELSE then okay, go there. Listen, we don't like to count people's money but Bezos is worth 100 billion and hasn't been big on Philanthropy. Maybe that will change. We will see.  

    Instead, shop indie and shop small. Some of your fav neighborhood shops have their very own website. Remember that cute little shop you visited while on vacation? They probably have a sweet little website that you can shop. If you spend the day finding quality products while shopping online, this is not considered a problem. This is useful time spent on the internet. Repeat: NOT a problem. *

    Here is a great place to start.

    * (If your store of choice has a legit brick&mortar that is open and reachable, you should make every effort to visit that location. Especially if they give a shiz about merchandising. That's a lost art that must be cherished.) 

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