Featured in Architectural Digest

Featured in Architectural Digest

Over the weekend a good customer of ours (Shout out to Frank) came into the store and asked if we were aware that we were in the current Architectural Digest. Ummm...no, we were not aware.  So we proceeded to investigate.

There it is.

Wait, what is it? 

"The Most Beautiful Independent Stores in Every State" And there under Maine we see... MINKA!! 


It's quite an honor to be featured in this highly regarded magazine!  We jumped for joy around our living room when we found out.  We realize that there are so many beautiful independent stores in Maine that are equally deserving of being on this list.  We are grateful to be able to represent for all the hard working "brick&mortars" out there trying to make a quality environment for people to shop handmade goods.  

We really love what Hannah Huber had to say at the beginning of this article:

"Small businesses are the cornerstone of America, each sharing new knowledge and creativity with locals. Deviating from the monotony of big-box stores, independently owned shops provide a sense of community, bringing togetherness in the care taken to serve their customers with a friendly smile and, oftentimes, a personalized greeting upon arrival. Homegrown character oozes through each storefront, inviting new visitors to explore the world through new eyes. These little shops embody the heart and soul of their locations. To build something special takes time, a keen eye, and, sometimes, a major restoration to make what was old new again. Below, we explore the passions of independent store owners from all over the country, selling everything from rare books to gourmet goods. Not only are these shops beautiful inside and out, but they also realize the American dream. In a nation with hundreds, if not thousands, of worthy contenders, the task of choosing just one from each state was by no means easy. And given the allegiance that often attends these small businesses, there is certain to be some healthy—and welcome!—debate. Herewith, our list of the most beautiful independent store in every state." 

You can check out the rest of the stores listed here: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/gallery/most-beautiful-independent-stores-in-america

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