Hey It's ... Whiskey Hill

Hey It's ... Whiskey Hill

A new series where we introduce the products we are currently excited about. This week we introduce you to Whiskey Hill.

What do the people of Maine and Colorado have in common? A love for nature and the outdoors so strong that even sub-zero temperatures can’t break their bond. Lucky for you, we’ve found a way to carry this love close to your heart, even when it’s too cold to actually venture into the snow.  

Enter Duncan and Cole, owners of Whiskey Hill, a Colorado based duo whose love for woodworking has spilled over into the world of jewelry. These products have us summoning our inner naturalist, and we think they might have the same effect on you.

handmade wooden cuffs

For the Guys:

Pair the Men’s Walnut & Silver Cuff (above bottom) with a nice button-down to impress a first date. Or if you're trying to keep the old wifey interested, pop on this wooden cuff with a plain black tee and watch the romance rekindle.

For the Gals:

Appear elegant and adventurous in the Brass Durango Cuff (above top)  Let the world know that you care about your personal style but you ain't afraid to go out and wrangle up a bronco to ride. If silver and crystal is more your style, you're a special lady and the Silver Vail Cuff (below) is for you.  

wide wooden cuffs

The Castle Peak Necklace (below) will keep you feeling outdoorsy and stylish! It doesnt matter if you're home dancing in the kitchen with your fella, or out tasting the local brews with your gang of besties, this necklace works.

And guess what folks? All are available on the Minka website. 

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