Love Generator

Love Generator

 In the near future, the world will experience a love drought. Loveless masses will roam the earth accumulating money and building nondescript fortresses to protect their material goods.  Luckily, time travel has been invented. The objective is to travel back to a time when people still felt all the feels and build a generator fueled by people's interpretation of LOVE. This generator will be plugged into the earth and pump it round again.  But convincing people to contribute is no easy task! So this week, the question is...

"If we were to build a love generator big enough to power the WORLD, what would you contribute to it?


"I'd contribute by making sure the builders had chicken nachos, tequila and good tunes while the love generator was created."


"Longing - that yearning to be with a loved one is as powerful as, and proof of, the love itself."


 "I would contribute a never ending supply of empathy. 🙂"


"I would add the feeling of absolute happiness for another person’s success. I think sometimes we have a hard time being selflessly thrilled for certain people due to our own insecurities, but that feeling is what fuels the greatest creative works." 


"Love is that feeling you get in your heart when you see your children, a loved one or even a pet. Its euphoric, I can't explain it, but it is an amazing feeling. It's knowing someone else has a mutual unconditional love for you. Getting a great big hug for no reason as at all, or just because you need one. My theory has always been, treat others how you would like to be treated. If everyone could feel this way, I think the world could be a better place."


This is a good start. These people are considered early adopters of the Love generator. We're going to need more contributions though.  What is your idea of love?  Is it a feeling, a person, a memory, a relationship, a store?  ;) What makes you think of love or feel love, let us know in the comments below. We will toss it in the generator, power it up and connect it to the world. 


Terri Coakley - Founder/Manager - GetYourMaineOn

Greg Daly - Creative Enabler - Brand Royal

Sally Merryman -Teacher / North Carolina

Archie Archambault - designer /New York. Prints

Diana St. Cyr - wife & mother / Massachusettes

Thank You.

Collage Art by C.Larochelle

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