Minka Opportunities

Minka Opportunities

MINKA, its a boutique and it's a flower studio. 

We're always looking for a few talented,creative, hard-working people to join our crew.  Here are a few of the opportunities that can be had working for Minka.

  1. MINKA MANAGER.   This position is ideal for someone who enjoys working in a retail environment, interacting with people, and who has no trouble staying motivated while working independently.
    You will be interacting with the owners on a regular basis, discussing ideas on all aspects of the store including window displays, merchandising techniques, marketing ideas, new products, inventory, and management of staff.  But often you will be working on your own in the store and will be expected to keep things moving forward.
    A healthy interest in art, fashion and plants would be a welcomed attribute.

    Our store hours are
    10-9 during peak season and
    11-5 during off-season
    This management position is full-time 32-40 hours and year round.
    The shifts are flexible (9:30-5:30 or 6:30)
    At least one weekend day will be required.
    Off season is January to April/May. Store hours are shorter and foot traffic is slower. It's the time when we focus on the website, online sales, marketing, and new products for the store. Since we design and make a lot of the products, we are always open to fresh ideas and collaborations. 

    Store owner, Christopher, has 20+ years as a Visual Merchandiser and prioritizes the stores appearance, so keeping the store looking clean and inviting will be an important part of this position.  

    Other responsibilities will include:
    -Answer customers’ questions about specific products
    -Ensure shelves are fully stocked at all times
    -Manage merchandise inventory
    -Keep up store standards using creative merchandising
    -Coordinate with upper management to create window displays
    -Provide customer feedback to upper Management
    -Stay up-to-date with new products

    -Proven work experience in Retail Management, Gallery Management or similar
    -Understanding of the retail sales process
    -Familiarity with consumer behavior
    -Knowledge of inventory stocking procedures
    -Excellent communication skills, capable of building trusting relationships
    -Ability to perform in fast-paced environments
    -Flexibility to work various shifts including weekends
    -Visual Merchandising experience
    -Social media Marketing, background in arts/fashion a plus

  2. SALES ASSOCIATE. Part-Time to Full-time
    This position is flexible. Shifts will be primarily evenings and weekends.
    5pm - 9pm (this is flexible) could be 4:30-9:30, etc.

    Responsibilities will include:
    -Answer customers’ questions about specific products
    -Ensure shelves are fully stocked at all times
    -Provide customer feedback to upper Management
    -Stay up-to-date with new products

    Retail experience is always preferred but we are willing to train the right candidates.

    This position of Flower Studio Assistant will
    - Process Flowers
    - Help with Wedding Set-Ups
    -Flower garden maintenance and care

    Don't let the Instagram page fool you. Working at a floral design studio involves lots of hard work and is extremely labor intensive.
    As the Flower Studio Assistant, you will be required to process the wedding flowers as they arrive. You will help with wedding set-ups on the day of. (Fridays, Saturdays and sometimes Sundays will be required work days) And the Studio Assistant will be in charge of our flower garden care and maintenance. Weeding, watering,planting, etc.

    Minka Flowers is always on the look-out for experienced floral designers to join the team.
    This would be a great opportunity for a designer to join a busy, well respected business and help grow it further.

    Please contact us at
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