Offseason Kennebunkport

Offseason Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport, Maine

Since Minka is located smack dab in the middle of Dock Square in Kennebunkport, we've always felt a certain responsibility to represent this charming little seaside village the best way we can. For the most part I think we have done a good job. Normally we are open everyday, year round. (This year was an exception due to renovations but we were back at it in March.) And being one of just a handful of stores that stays open in the off-season, we are always answering the question:
"Why isn't anything open?" 
"It's probably the same reason you got that heavily discounted room rate; It's a seasonal town." Is, of course, how I don't reply.
Instead I make a joke about how our store is open and isn't that ALL they need? It's like finding a lake to swim in while trekking through the desert. It's like being handed a hundred dollar bill when you asked for 50 cents. It's like...
Lol, just kidding.  I'm actually working on keeping my ego in check which is becoming easier and easier as the world falls apart and my feelings become numb. But anyway, lets keep it light. This is Vacationland and we're all about making people happy.
Count your blessings.  We're all in this together. Good things are coming!

Usually the next question is:
"What do you suggest we do around here?"
"Hang out in your hotel room and watch movies." Is, of course, how I don't reply.
First, I point out the other businesses that I know are open like Fia Fia, Benoits, Daytrip, Alissons, etc. (Please let us know any others that are open in the comments)
Then I usually point at the ocean and say: "Enjoy the beauty!"
That's why you're visiting Maine right? The serene coast. The magic of the ocean. It's doing all that deep breathing for us.
I suggest taking a ride around Ocean Ave and down into Cape Porpoise. That's a pretty charming little fishing port. Don't ask me about lighthouses though. I'm not interested, unless it's the 2019 movie starring William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, then we can talk.
"You fond of me Lobster, aint ya??" A classic scene.

The Lighthouse

So after I tell them that the only Lighthouse I know is the movie, they usually look at me sideways and quietly wonder why I even own a business in Maine. Little do they know that I was born here in the magic.
I'm part crustacean; Big ol' red claws that will snip at ya when they're not restrained with rubber bands.
I also read minds.
The next question will be:
"Who has the best lobster roll?"
Someday, I'll find out the answer to that question.

coastal Maine

I hope you have learned a lot about visiting Kennebunkport during the off-season.  We have lots of fantastic businesses that are open and eagerly awaiting your arrival!

Offseason Kennebunkport
by: Christopher Larochelle

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