The Question is...

The Question is...

In this new series, we reach out to few people we find interesting and ask them one question. In this first installment we wanted to know about the power of positive thinking. It's just a slogan to some but a lifestyle to others. Can people's thoughts make a difference in their day to day lives?  Read what our guests had to say and then let us know what you think in the comments below. 



Professional Clinical Counselor | VH1's Couple's Therapy

"do! :) Positive thinking has the immediate power to shape your thoughts into action. The more good energy you can direct to your idea, goal, or project, the easier and more likely you will experience success. Frame failure in a positive light as well - you are certain something didn’t work, so let it free you to try a new approach. The more optimistically you envision your thoughts, the more clearly you can forge the most positive path into your future."



Los Angeles based Band

"Keeping a positive state of mind will take you further in just about every field. You need to learn to look past the obstacles and to not get too discouraged by temporary setbacks. Everyone will tell you what you can’t do but the most satisfying reward comes from persistence, positivity, and from proving them wrong by reaching your goals."



















Public Speaker | Traveler | Mother 

 "In a single word, yes. I believe in the power of both our positive and negative thoughts influencing our actions, our feelings, and therefore some of the outcomes in our lives. Thoughts are really interesting to me when you examine where they come from. You can think you think something and it's your own thought, but then through deeper examination, realize it's not actually your thought. You picked it up somewhere. A family member or someone influential implanted it in you. That thought you so clung to and thought was your own is easier to let go of or transform into a new thought once you realize you didn't create it. If the thoughts that came from someone else have the power to shape what we think about ourselves, our lives, and the world then imagine what the thoughts we intentionally and positively create ourselves can do for us? Much of the power in positive thinking, I believe, comes from the empowerment and intentionality we employ to conjure positive thoughts. I don't know if it's the thoughts themselves, but merely the act of thinking on our own, using our own will, and focusing that energy that yields positive results."


Entrepreneur | Startup Advisor | Author 

"The world is a choose your own adventure book where we get to decide what we think is possible - then choose to do it."



A big thanks to all of this week's guests! 

Let us  know what you think in the comments below. Do you agree with what our guests had to say? Do you have specific examples of how being positive produced a desired outcome? 

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