This Post is Inspired by You

This Post is Inspired by You

 Ever since posting about Digital Detoxing, I've been spending a preposterous amount of time online. Consuming a constant stream of disparate thoughts, comments and opinions is where my valuable time is being spent. I can not say that it has been a joyful experience. It's a lot of words and images and not a lot of enthusiasm. But occasionally a compatible sentiment will pop up and I'll be compelled to poke the little heart and make it glow red.  And every so often something rolls down in front of my eyes that penetrates beneath the surface and speaks to my soul. Who said this? Who made this? Who's doing this incredibly inspiring thing that makes me want to stop scrolling and click on their link? 

We've reached out to a few people that we find inspiring and asked them:

"Who is inspiring you these days?" 

"In general (and not including my mother and Ellen DeGeneres - those are a given) I would say that I've been most inspired by Brene Brown lately. She's a teacher and advocate for vulnerability. I'm also equally inspired by Becky, our sweet mail lady. I find that I'm inspired by character traits in people that I meet day to day."



"On an artistic level, I’ve been really inspired lately by Italian photographer Lelia Scarfiotti - her work is basically the complete polar opposite of mine as far as lighting and tones go, but I love seeing how she shapes light and shadows into incredibly evocative portraits.  She is able to convey so much feeling in a single frame - I’m always drawn into her images because aside from being beautiful at first glance, they always make you feel as though there is some compelling story or song lurking in the shadows of the shot.
 On a humanitarian level, I am truly moved and humbled by the outpouring of students stepping forward in the wake of the recent Florida school shooting to voice their outrage and their fears. While it is horrific that such a violent event has put them in a position where they need to do so, it is nonetheless admirable that they are striving to make their voices heard and demanding change.  One can only hope that their outcry, “we've had enough thoughts and prayers,” will no longer fall on deaf ears in Washington." 


" Shane Dawson! I feel like he's one of the genuine YouTubers out there. He's proved that it doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, if you work hard you can achieve great things."



 "I'm inspired by women that trust their bodies and their babies to birth instinctively.  Their confidence in their innate strength and the grace at which they embrace change is awe-inspiring and reminds me how capable we are.

I'm also getting a kick out of, "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero. Her lighthearted wisdom has been a great nightly read."



"These days, I am inspired by Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  He is focused on diversity and inclusion as demonstrated when assembling his team in government, when speaking publicly, and when approving an updated national anthem.  He recently received negative publicity for seemingly obsessing over being inclusive when correcting a woman at a Q&A event. Mr. Trudeau suggested she use the term "people-kind" in place of "mankind" as it in more inclusive. The Canadian national anthem has been updated such that, "in all thy son's command" is replaced with "in all of us command".  

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly divided by gender, race, sex, and religion.  I appreciate the efforts of Canada's Prime Minister as he leads by example by demonstrating what it means to truly be inclusive. "

"AMANDA PALMER! Amanda Palmer is the most artistically inspiring force in my life probably.  Her book "The Art of Asking" changed me for sure and her music is the soundtrack to my whole life. -13 year old middle school me, all the way to 23 year old me listening to "Ukulele Anthem" while brushing my teeth before work this morning.

She's so openly vulnerable and PROLIFIC with her art, even when it's not perfect. She always reminds me to keep making, even if you only have 10 minutes, even if you got the chords wrong in a couple of places. It's always better to put it out there without fear than to keep going over and over it, never posting anything or creating in hopes that it will be flawless.

She reminds me to say yes to things even if they could be a total bust. Literally the other day I met a stranger in a bar, ended up chatting with her for hours, she drunkenly invited my godmother and me to a bridal shower she was throwing for her niece the next day. This lady was seriously crazy, but i thought "Amanda Palmer would go." and we went and instead of it being weird, it was EPIC!"


" I have to say Esther Hicks from Abraham-Hicks. When I spend quality time in my studio I usually listen to Abraham-Hicks via YouTube while I am painting. I love the messages and clarity I get from their teachings through Esther. Since I started listening almost a year ago I have found a way to practice a more peaceful and joyful lifestyle, as well as discover ways to be more deliberate when creating my own reality."
Sammy Mills - Yoga Instructor
Justina Bilodeau - Photographer
Haley Allen - Makeup Artist / Social Media Personality
Jennalee Hendricks - Guide into the realms of meditation, yoga and ayurveda.
Matthew Keeling - Retired Naval Officer / Canadian Expat
Elsie Eastman - Singer 
Meredith Reynells - Fine Artist / Floral Designer 
Thanks to all our contributors for providing a great list of inspiring people to dig into and learn more about. Who's inspiring you these days?  Let us know in the comments below!  And thanks for clicking our link.  It takes a lot of effort, we know. We appreciate wanting to take it a step further with us. 
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