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Meet Mrs. Minka

In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing you to our creative group at Minka  as well as some of our talented vendors.  Since some of you might be discovering us for the first time, we thought we should start with the engine that powers this whole thing.  Introducing.... Mrs. Minka a.k.a. Michelle Rose.
The first thing you should know about owner /designer, Michelle Rose, is that she doesn't take no for an answer.  "It can't be done" is not something she understands. Her motto is: If it can be thought of... it can be accomplished.  
She's both a worker and an idea person. Her ideas are flowing first thing in the morning, throughout the day and until she goes to bed at night. Once an idea is locked in, then she goes to work.
A majority of her ideas become reality in the form of  a Jewelry line, an all natural bodycare line,  Minka handbags, various Minka home goods, and of course her pièce de résistance, her floral design at Minka Flowers. 
If you've ever met Michelle, you know that she's generous with her time and she won't hesitate to give you her honest opinion. An enthusiastic collaborator and an active champion of other artists, Michelle has a positive spirit that motivates and encourages people to do their best work. 
When Michelle's not working hard, she's playing hard. She enjoys traveling on the off season.  Austin and New Orleans were a couple of her recent favorite places. Eating delicous gluten free meals at local fine dining establishments is something that brings her joy. And a glass or two of wine is sure to bring a smile to Michelle's face.  The two loves of her life are Igby and Greta, her precious little pups. And the third love(in that order) is her husband, Chris, the manager of Minka home store in Kennebunkport. 
To read more about Michelle Rose, visit our Bio page.
Her floral design work can be found at MinkaFlowers.com
Minka Flowers on Instagram 
Minka Home on Instagram 

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  • Hello, I am looking for your charcoal harringbone pattern blanket but I only see the other colors. Do you have charcoal?

    Paul Del Bene on

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