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Shea Butter Soap: Lime-Frankincense

Shea Butter Soap: Lime-Frankincense

Minka's  100% All Natural Shea Butter Soap (Lime-Frankincense) is made from Shea Butter & olive oil instead of animal fat. 

Olive oil is extremely beneficial to the skin, it doesn’t leave a film and helps to keep the skin naturally moisturized. 
Contains high amounts of vitamin E which helps the skin heal. 
Made in Maine.
Lime Frankincense: This restorative fresh scent has spicy undertones from the Frankincense that both men and women adore. These divine essential oils have been widely used as natural anxiety remedies and have a comforting and uplifting effect on the mind and body. This rich blend induces feelings of peace and happiness and has a soothing effect on dry, cracked and aging skin.