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Equality Book

Equality Book

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Volume 2

Many are constantly seeking peace and harmony. In order to have peace and harmony, you must understand the universal truth and knowing of equality. The belief that equality is an illusory experience is not of the truth. This is an illusion of the mind. In order to achieve equality, you must recognize your own interactions and emotions in which you participate in each day. This book is an opening of awareness to your own acceptance of self and others through equality.
The author is receiving information through the energy of telepathy in the form of automatic writing from a group of benevolent beings in which are teaching the human race how to access your own power through the energy of equality for self. 
Through a series of questions and answers, you will be guided through various examples on how to recognize your own participation in the experience of unintentionally manifesting your own inequality .

This book is channelled information and is presented mostly unedited and transcribed directly from the notebook of Michelle Rose-Larochelle . 


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